"I had too much happening, it's so hard on me seriously"

She's fighitng with the fans 
Is Bighit's speciality giving PTSD to the fans for their hair, makeup and cordis?
They need to replace them all and have people who can actually do the work 

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I need them to stop doing those unkept looking long bangs with the middle parting. Their hair look so damaged and they still perm and wax it. Also stop with those shiny and exposing outfits

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The way she insists in not giving the hair Choi Yeonjun's fans want is legendaryㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*ck 

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Don't lose hope on Bighit, just kill them (t/n: word play) 

4. [+80, -1]
Moas are so kind 
"I'm writing this comment not to offend director-nim, so please re-read my comment. Last year, during 0x1=Lovesong-LoserLover-end year stage, they were able to gain a foothold. This year with gbgb-15 nights on a business trip with Hybe, they were able to gain so many fans. Whether it's a comeback or their hiatus, they're always working so hard. They just toured internationally and are preparing for their comeback. However, I'm disappointed to see that their hair, makeup and cordi aren't matching their level of effort. I'm feeling like it's lacking every time. I was holding back until I saw the Gayo Daejun festival outfit but I can't hold back anymore and it seems like this is why ther are so many comments. The members' hair are so long that it loks uncomfortable and they've appealed about how long their hair was many times. Meanwhile, you didn't cut their hair and just threw the 5:5 parting whenever they had a schedule. Because the styling isn't as pretty as they deserve, I'm dissatisfied. They look discomfortable themselves and as fans, we find it extremely hard to watch. There were times where outfits were what the fans wanted, but like yeterday... Made me wonder if it was done by the same person who did their sytling at Chile. I don't think any of the fan who was looking forward to it was satisfied. When it's an award show, dress them like the concept of the award show. Even for their makeup, you always kill their lip color with the lipstick and the hair color doesn't suit the members' skin colors either, it makes their tone look worse. Please improve on this. Director-nim, I know that you feel a lot of pride in TXT's styling and we know you're passionate about it. However, if there's no demand for this kind of styling, for who do you do this styling for? I hope that you take the fans' reactions into consideration this time"

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Even the cordi's acquaintances are fighting with the fans in the comments, this is legendaryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously I beg you please cut their hair already. Why are they giving kids with such nice physique this kind of cordi? I just want to get rid of all their middle parting hair that are waxed and so long.. 

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Am I really looking at outfits that costed 40M won?

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