To be honest, all female idols are pretty nowadays so you can't hit big by just being pretty. But since Minji's skintone is tan, her aura is kinda differentiated from the bunch... She's young but she has that quiet and heavy aura and she also suits that gyopo who attended school overseas vibe that NewJeans has too. She looks healthy too and she also looks like an actressㅇㅇ

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1. Her skintone makes her look rather calm and healthy so I like it even more..

2. Minji is super pretty but your first sentence is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are plenty of people from the 4th gen who hit big just by being pretty tooㅋㅋ
> But there are also a lot of kids who are pretty and who didn't hit big

3. To be honest, she's so pretty that she got my attention and then I thought "oh? Her skin isn't on the lighter side?"... but I had no idea that her skin was this tanned

4. I like how they are not forcing her to look whiter...

5. Her skintone aside, her facial features are a fraud so the truth is that she'd be pretty with any skintone

6. Ha why are there so many people who are misunderstanding OP here?

7. She looks like a class president who likes PE class

8. I also find her more charming because of it..! Back then, there was a perception that they had to have fair skin but nowadays, people look at idols as a whole so she looks even more charming

9. That's right, that's one point that differentiates her from others

10. For real, I like her more because of that

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