"Hyomin, Jiyeon <3 Hwang Jaegyun, crying at the first congratulatory words... "You weren't like a maknae, rather you were brave""

The other members all came and even had their own congratulatory speech 

"'Living in Jeju' Soyeon, doesn't attend Jiyeon's wedding... The sight of discord"

Soyeon left for 1 month to live in Jeju-do yesterday, and then 

She's been storming her IG story with 22 posts about Jeju-do
She didn't even post a single thing about Jiyeon's wedding 

"regarding the controvery, Soyeon's agency side said "Currently we know that Soyeon is staying at Jeju-do". Because of the poor communication, it would be difficult to comment on the rumors of discord or anything related. "

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1. [+788, -21]
People who are swearing at her, I bet you guys spend your life keeping in touch with all your coworkers right

2. [+661, -7]
Boram and Soyeon withdrew 5~6 years ago so it's possible that they've grown appart... And T-ara's comeback was with those 4 people so of course they'd still be close and the other 2 grew distant.. 

3. [+504, -11]
Ah so what... Does it make her a b*tch to not go? They're allowed to grow apart, they've been in the same group in the past but it doesn't mean that they're all close with each other 

4. [+451, -4]
Anyways it was a business.

5. [+362, -2]
I'm a T-ara fan and they haven't been in touch with each other for such a long timeㅋㅋ It's just because of the wedding that you guys are mentioning her again 

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