[theqoo] '2022 AAA' LIST OF WINNERS

2022 AAA Winners
Actor Of The Year – Lee Jun-ho
Best Singer Of The Year – Seventeen
Best Album Of The Year- Stray Kids (Ordinary)
Best Song Award – IVE (Love dive)
Best Performance Of The Year – New Jeans (Attention)
Best Artist (Actor) – Han So Hee (My name, Nevertheless), Park Min-Young (Love in contract, Weather forecasting with you), Seo In-guk (Cafe Minamdang)
Best Artist Award – Itzy, The Boyz, The Rampage
Fabulous Award – Seventeen, Lim Young-woong
Best Actor Of The Year – Lee Jae-wook (Alchemy of souls), Kim Sejong (Business proposal), Kwon Yuri (Good job), Lee Jun-young (May I help you)
Best Musician Award – Le Sserafim, Yena, Treasure, NiziU
Best Acting Performance – Hwang Min-hyun, Choi Si-won, Kim Young-dae, Bona
Best Choice Award – WJSN Chocome, Stray Kids, Kep1er, Kard, Pentagon
Rookie Of The Year (Actor) – Kang Daniel, Seo Beom-Joon
Rookie Of The Year – IVE, New Jeans, Le Sserafim

Asian Celebrity Actors – BBillkin PPkritt, Kim Seonho, Kwon Yuri
Asia Celebrity Award – Lyaodra, Be:First, Itzy
Idol+ Popularity Actor – Kim Seon-ho
Idol+ Popularity Singer- BTS
Hot Trend Actress – Park Min-young
Hot Trend Actor – Lee Jun-ho
Icon Artist – VeriVery
Emotive Actor – Na In-woo
Emotive Singer – NMIXX, Cravity
Hot Trend – IVE, Niziu, Seventeen, Lim Young-woong
Icon Award – Alexa, VeriVery
Most Popular Singer – Lim YoungWoong, BlackPink
Most Popular Actor – Kim Seonho, Kim Sejong
Best Achievement – Kwon Yuri
Potential Actor – Kang Daniel (Rookie Cops)
Potential Singer – Lightsum, TFN, Kingdom, Billie
Focus Actor – Ju Haknyeon from The Boyz
Best New Wave (Actor) – Choi Si-won, Hwang Min-Hyun
Best New Wave (Singer) – NMIXX, Tempest, Kep1er
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1. These are really participation prizesㅋㅋㅋ

2. The name of these awards are hilariousㅋㅋ

3. The people who are getting mad at this are the losers, congrats to everyone

4. As expected, AAA awards everyone

5. Humanely speaking, they should be also awarding the netizens who watching the whole thing

6. Junho, congrats on your daesang💛💛💛 congrats to everyone

7. They didn't have "best welcome award" this time, what a shame (T/N: sarcastic)

8. The participation awards are solidㅋ

9. What in the worldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ aren't those participation awards for the nobodies?ㅋㅋㅋ they are awarding everyoneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Wow I-dle didn't get anything?

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