That's what she looked like on her way to Japan

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1. [+93, -5]
Because her physical is so solid, she can pull off anything. Her legs are f*cking long

2. [+87, -7]
I bet that with a face like this on top of her body, if you saw her in real life, you'd know that she's a celebrity rigth away

3. [+83, -20]
I'm not even a fan so although I don't really care about her, I really don't care that her face is the issue here, it's that Pann-girls have a severe inferiority complex towarrds her. At this point, even actresses and models can't give off an aura like hers. There's no point in feeling inferior to kids like her, just don't worry about her. Just try and start force hate against her, you'll just be hurting yourself

4. [+78, -3]
Wow but she's seriously so tall, every time I see her, I automatically am in awe

5. [+76, -10]
I don't think that Wonyoungie suits these bold colors. Even during Eleven, Jang Wonyoung got that hot pink dress but she was only able to pull it off because of her height. Every time I see her, I feel like she's floating in her clothes. Most of idols wear sponsored outfits at the airports nowdays so I feel like that's why they would even wear clothes that don't fit them. Jang Wonyoung looks the best in pastel or white colors.

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