If they think about their bed scenes being watched by their parents, family or even close friends, wouldn't they be super embarrassed... 
On top of it, if they end up getting marreid and get a kid who grows up (around elementary/middle school), they'll look up all the movies their parents appeared on... Wouldn't they get freaking shocked

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Every time I watch bed scenes, I realize how close the adult entertainment industry and the entertainment industry are closely related

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Every time I read stuff like that, it reminds me of Kim Taeri's grandmother... She went to watch Handmaiden with all her church's grandmas ㅋㅋㅋㅠ
Q: How did you family or friends react to the scene with Kim Minhee?
A: Honestly, it was kinda bad. There was no way I could persuade my family. So after I participated in it, I informed them. I told them that's just the type of character I played. Some of my friends said "You did well" others "Will you be fine?". I was mostly worried about my grandmother. She's a devout Christian, and she went to watch it with everyone at the church. It was so embarrassing, they should've went separately. I wonder what they said to each other at church after they watched it.

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For real, just imagining my parents watching a kiss scene is embarrassing enough, imagine a bed scene... No matter how much of an actor you are, I really wish the parents didn't watch it 

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For real... I won't be able to do it with a camera in front of me 

5. [+111, -1]
Actors sure have a different mentality than commoners

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