"Today is the first time I came to Korea and got paid"
"You might think that this is dumbfounding"
"Of course when I was promoting with Ladies' Code, we made money"
"But I've never received that money directly"
"Because our dept was so huge, it all went to the company"
"So for the 7 years, I didnt know what it felt like to earn money"
"That's why today, I received my first pay"
"I received my monthly wage with the radio show I'm doing"
"I don't know why I'm crying.."

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1. Hul I thought that Ladies' Code was doing pretty well? From Bad Woman~Kiss Kiss

2. Huh? What in the wordl 

3. I would've thought that things like that can happen since their company feels different from BlockBerry 

4. But they barely promoted in any events... I hope this company just closes down 

5. I feel like this is plausible.. They're from a small company and no matter how many events you do, if you don't hit daebak, it'l be hard to gain any salary. Even with AOA, they had so many consecutive hits and they claimed to have never received any salary 

6. Bad Woman was so popular among school festivals, I thought they were successful?

7. Pretty Pretty hit daebak no...? I remember everyone at school singing it. Anyways this is too much ㅜ 

8. Hul I've heard about Bad Woman and Pretty Pretty, I hope she succeeds hul...

9. Ladies' Code's songs were seriously doing well though?

10. So how are they able to pay for their life expenses? 
> Hearing about other idols, it's their parents
> Some say that although they don't get salary, their company still give them allowance

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