We're a couple in our 3rd year highschool which finished our SAT
Honestly, my boyfriend is really handsome and he's 183cm 
But he sucks at studying so he said that he rather not go to university and just become and idol, so he tried auditioning
I've never seen him sing nor dance, so I don't know if he has the skills, should I still support him?
Or just I tell him not to do it?

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1. There are lots of kids who are passed 20 years old and who are still able to debut, if not, he can also try acting. You shouldn't be telling him not to do things. He's still at a young age where he can do whatever he wants and if he fails, he can still start over and it won't be too late 

2. First of all, just tell him to give it a try. After 1~2 years, if he's not successful, he'll know what to do next 

3. You think that you can just debut like that... You need good luck if you want to debut right away... He's too late 

4. If he's already 20 now, he's already freaking latte. Maybe he can try being an actor but there are lots of handsome and tall kids around...

5. He knows himself the best... But it's true that it's too late... Because of his army, he won't be able to promote for 2 years and this is a disadvantage he'll have compared to girls 

6. For men, I don't think it's too late... There's someone in our academy who is training in one of the big 4

7. No but just tell him to challenge himself... Maybe it'll help him straighten up 

8. Not debuting at 19 but starting trainee life at 19 is indeed too late... 

9. Him being late aside, reading your post, the kind of mindset he has will lower his probability to get in

10. You need to stop him... Even if he's able to debut, if his company screws him over, he'll have nothing but debt.. 

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