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1. Their first album was good, they did well to pick a Winter album 

2. DREAM's b-side songs are all good, I'm happy... 

3. This smells like a masterpiece... DREAM jjang 

4. All the songs are good f*cking mom what to do... My tears were flowing out listening to Graduation. As expected DREAM x Kenzie 

5. Wow the songs are insane... It was crazy from the 1st song 

6. Graduation, if you know DREAM's story, you'll cry 

7. Walk With You was so good!!

8. Walk With You has the Winter vibe, it's so good... 
The choir of angels, please support NCT DREAM ๐Ÿ’š

9. SM idols Winter albums are seriously certified hits... 

10. I'm taken aback by the fact that they're releasing other stuff aside from Candy. I thought this would be a digital single, turns out, it's an actual album and the quality is good too 

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