"Production fee for a girl group, how much goes into it?"
Total: 3.178 billion won (~2.5M USD)
Training + management fees: 323 million won (~255K USD)
Album production: 2.547 billion won  (~2.01M USD)
Recruiting talent: 31M won (~24K USD)
Training room: 95M won (~75K USD)
Lodging rent: 82M won (~64K USD)

source: Fantagio

original post: here

1. Seriously if you don't have the money, just don't make a group. It costs this much money, which makes me wonder what goes in the head of the producers sometimes ㅋㅋㅋ It it really costs that much, I would make sure that I make my girl group the right way or I wouldn't do it

2. That's the reason why everyone picks the big agencies 

3. What the... That's why if you don't have the confidence that you'll have enough investment, don't start anything. Don't fool around with kids' dreams 

4. So if you don't have 3 billion won, just don't think about making any idol groups. Why would you make an idol group if you have no money?

5. That's true, it costs around 3 billion won, so if you don't even have this, you shouldn't start, think about the kids 

6. This is why if you're not from a big agency and you're debuting, you need to reimburse all this money...
7. But not all of this investment are from loans, so to make the kids reimburse everything is even funnier. If you don't have this money, just don't start a company. 

8. If you don't have the money and no confidence about them hitting big, don't start an idol company 

9. I'm seeing lots of posts like that nowadays, but I don't even know what you want us to do with this information 

10. If you don't have the money and you're starting a company, just close it down 

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