Kim Go Eun’s agency has denied that the actress is dating soccer playing Son Heung Min.

A rumor recently spread on online communities that Kim Go Eun and Son Heung Min are dating, using speculations of Instagram interactions as proof. The rumor speculated that a private Instagram account that Kim Go Eun is following is allegedly Son Heung Min’s private account, included Kim Go Eun’s Instagram Stories showing support for Korea in the World Cup, and noted that the head of Kim Go Eun’s agency is following Son Heung Min and his team Tottenham Hotspur on Instagram.

On December 20, Kim Go Eun’s agency commented, “The dating rumors are not true,” and added, “The two have never met. [Kim Go Eun] is always a supporter as a [Korean] citizen and especially during the World Cup season.”

Following the news, actress Jang Hui Ryoung also posted a screenshot of the private account and revealed that the account is actually hers. She wrote, “This is my private account. Please stop trying to hack it.”
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1. Kim Goeun is f*cking pitiful. Why even drag her into this rumor

2. Leave Son Heungmin alone

3. I think that Heungminie will only get a girlfriend after he retires from football... Please stop mingling him with otheres

4. Song Heungmin is pitiful

5. Freaking random

6. I'm f*cking annoyed, don't touch Goeun unnie

7. F*cking random,ㅋㅋㅋ It's my first time hearing of this comnination but they matchㅋㅋㅋ

8. Son Heungmin is the hottest athlete right now and hasn't been in a dating scandal for years so I bet that the trolls were super excited to start something... Last time, he was even meshed with a female idol for taking the same plane as her.. tsk tsk

9. It's as random as the Wonbin and Sooyoung dating rumor from back then

10. Even Son Heungmin can get tormented... leave both of them alone

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