SM Entertainment told CNBC that it plans to slowly expand not just to other parts of Southeast Asia, but also to the wider continent, including the Middle East.

The company’s Indonesia branch has won brand endorsements such as Mie Sedaap and Sasa for Choi Siwon of K-pop boy band Super Junior, and Somethinc and Lemonilo for NCT Dream.

As for future K-pop group plans, Lee told CNBC that SuperM will be making a comeback announcement in early 2023. He also plans to create new groups, or subunits — NCT Saudi and NCT Tokyo.

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1. But will this be popular among the Saudi Arabia people though??

2. First of all, can they manage the people they already have?... Do they have no thoughts of taking care of the NCT kids that they already have?

3. I feel like they want to do something like AKB and have several branches

4. But wasn't Tokyo already expected? It was almost obvious

5. Reminds me of AKB, didn't they release something similar in Thailand too?

6. Oh SuperM

7. Compared to the other companies' overseas popularity, I really don't feel SM's popularity... This old man is really persistent

8. Can they just promote the kids they already have?.... there were no news of the 2 new kids they just added

9. They only copy the weird stuffs from Japan;;

10. Tokyo is ok to some extent but Saudi...

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