According to an exclusive media outlet report on December 1, Lee Seung Gi has forwarded a notice to Hook Entertainment, asserting his intention to terminate his exclusive contract.

Earlier this month, Lee Seung Gi's submitted a legal request to Hook Entertainment, demanding a transparent record of his earnings. According to the latest reports, Hook Entertainment's side has partially admitted to some earnings from Lee Seung Gi's music distribution not being paid to the artist. As a result, Lee Seung Gi's legal side has obtained evidence to sue Hook Entertainment for violation of management duties, and thus, the artist will be moving forward with the one-sided termination of his contract.

An insider commented on this day, "Hook Entertainment is expected to disclose the full truth in this issue by revealing records of Lee Seung Gi's unpaid earnings."

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Hook Entertainment's CEO Kwon Jin Young released a statement of apology, further stating that she intends on taking full responsibility for Lee Seung Gi's unpaid earnings.

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1. Lee Seunggi find strengthㅠㅠ 

2. Wow finally, Lee Seunggi was able to squeeze his way out from Hook. Fighting 

3. To think I that I thought that companies would treat celebrities who stay with them longer better...

4. Lee Seunggi fighting. I hope he gets all the money he never received until now 

5. That's right, start by splitting and then get all the money missing 

6. Terminate the contract and sue them back 

7. I thought he already came out and started his one man agency??

8. That's right that's right, start by terminating the contract. Fighting 

9. I hope he resolves it the way he wants

10. Supporting Lee Seunggi 

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