Do you think it stops at just not gaining weight? They might f*cking suck at singing and dancing, stay tone deaf for years, and even mess up the synchronized choreography, but as long as they don't gain weight and look good, they're considered "good at self-management"? Of course managing your looks is important for idols, but this is just the fundamentals. Your skills becomes your true shield and what truly makes you good at managing yourself no? 

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Do you think that managing your looks makes you a singer? We're not asking you to have monumental singing skills, but at least do your best during your own part and you have to work hard on pulling it off. And we're not asking for perfectly synchronized dancing, but if you're just stiff, you'll be a burden to your team. If you're just good at managing your looks, just go be a model 

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This is true. Self-management is all about singing, dancing and skills 

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Idols are singers too, so I hate people who are tone deaf. I look at singing abilities first 

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Please I'm not asking for all idols to be main vocal-worthy but at least don't be a burden to your own team. At least pull off your own part

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Is this taking a jab at Le Sserafim who insists on never singing live? 

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