Kang Haerin
She has most of the things that guys like

She's a kitty-type

She's 164.5cm tall. She'snot too tall or too short and she has the perfect height for Korean guys

She's slim but not skinny

She's a natural beauty

No matter from what angle you look at her or what styling she does, there's no fail!

And recently, idols introverted and cold personality are rare among idols, so she's just the GOAT!

There's no way that guys wouldn't like her.....

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1. [+87, -12]
She doesn't push herself forward and acts flirty in a severe way and is simple and down-to-earth. When an idol is too flirty, they look too greasy and cringey to me so I can't watch them. Her physical and promotions are also feminine so she's pretty

2. [+86, -15]
For real, she's a celestial being. Personally, she's the best

3. [+67, -11]
She's indeed freaking pretty and she's flawlessly perfect-looking

4. [+66, -17]
Me too I think that she's the prettiest female idol. Nowadays, there are a lot of talks about her visuals and guys praise her a lot too

5. [+41, -2]
Haerin is popular among girls too..

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