[enter-talk] HUL MBAPPE WORE GD'S SHOES ㄷㄷ


It's the PEACEMINUSONE GD Force Para-Noise

Based on the yellow limited edition, the resale price is over 20 million won (16K USD)

Right now, the average price has went up to 2,360,000 won
Compared to the time of the resale, it's a 1,300,000 won increas

GD designed it himself and the uniqueness of the shoes is that every time you walk, the black paint cracks revealing the design underneath 

Not only Mbappe, but Haaland was also spotted wearing them

"Those are the shoes that GD popularized"

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1. [+49, -1]
Whenever I see stuff like that, I get reminded of how much of a genius GD is... He knows how to express himself in his songs, in his fashion and in his designs and he's good at doing all that. Even with my fans' heart aside, I really find those Air Force pretty 

2. [+45, -0]
He's someone who devoted his life to creating. GD is always looking for ways to reform things to himself. He said that even when he stays still, he can get influenced and he starts writing songs.

3. [+43, -0]
GD is freaking impressive. He gave a presentation in front of the Nike employees at their Headquarters... And that's when they made PEACEMINUSONE Forceㄷㄷ He built his idea from 0 to 10 and he gave in so much meaning to it. He's a genius 

4. [+32, -0]
There's lots of popular artists from overseas who buy GD's showsㅋㅋㅋ Even Tyga bought GD's shoes when he went to shoot for that sneakers show ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+26, -0]
The intersection of utopia and lack of reality, a passage that opens oneself to peace. And it's also all connected to GD's music from Crooked all the way to Untitled

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