"Still shooting... Happy Chinese new year!!!! Happy New Year, I'm wishing for a year filled with only good thing this upcoming year too!!"

"Seollal - chinese new years - Lunar new years - is the same meaning. Anyways, happy new year."

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1. [+426, -7]
Wow she's not even mixed race but a pure Korean and you're telling me that she's able to say somehting like that... impressive

2. [+375, -37]
What's delusional about NewJeans' fans is that it's not the SM-roaches that are criticizing Danielle but the general public..

3. [+336, -5]
Whether they are idols or not, there's no way for me to accept such behaviour, seriouslyㅋㅋ Why would they act like this while being a citizen of Korea? Seeing how China is claiming everything about our country's culture, I just wanna stamp on everything... If you don't have anything in your head and you don't want to fill up your brains, just change your nationality to Chinese.

4. [+332, -6]
Just why would she go the extra mile and post the 2nd tweet?

5. [+276, -17]
Are you saying from this post that Danielle should be receiving hate for the rest of her life like BoA?

6. [+193, -6]
SM-roaches are always f*cking bashing HYBE so what are they gonna do now?

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