I've never felt this way while listening to BoA's songs but after listening to GOT the Beat, I f*cking hated her voice...

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1. [+309, -25]
But for real, BoA is the top in terms of both singing and dancing but she weirdly gives off this old vibe... Taeyeon and Hyoyeon aren't too far from her in term of age but Taeyeon and Hyoyeon matched well with RV and Aespa

2. [+282, -21]
I think that her voice gets alot of divided opinions based on your preference. And why does she have so many parts? I hate her high notes and hoarse voice so much

3. [+244, -23]
I f*cking dislike her voice too but they are giving her all the killing partsㄷㄷ

4. [+210, -23]
Seriously, the reason why I can't listen to GOT the Beat's songs is because of BoA. Even her pronunciation is incomprehensible

5. [+207, -30]
I was fine with her at first but when she goes from mid to high notes, her nasally singing becomes severe. To be honest, BoA has a lot of good songs but there are still songs that I'm unable to listen to because of her nasally voice. So that's why the voice color of a singer is so important. The two top voices I can stand the least are BoA and Kim Junsu's voices. They just don't fit my taste at all. But BoA does have a lot of popular songs and she has many good Japanese songs that I wish Younha or Solji to cover. I like clear voices like Younha and Solji's so I want to hear them singing BoA's songsㅋㅋ

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