Choi Mina Sue
height: 173cm 
She's from Illinois, US and went to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
She graduated in communication 

2021 - Miss Korea Gyeonggi-Incheon
2021 - Miss Korae 1st runner up 

She's one of the winners of the Big 4 International Beauty Pageants (Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World, Miss Earth)

2022 - Miss Earth #1 (First Korean) 

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1. [+57, -52]
She's indeed super pretty but I don't think she's at the level to play with the international field...?

2. [+46, -1]
Westerners are not like Asians where we only look at the face. They look at the physique too and they would pick based on everything. Especially on the last round, their interview is the biggest factor. That's the vibe they give 

3. [+34, -0]
Depending on her makeup, her vibe completely changes

4. [+28, -15]
Just what on earth are their standards?

5. [+26,- 36]
She's so average that I have nothing to comment on .....................................

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