(tn: some of the tweets might be lost in translation due to being translated from Japanese -> Korean)

He showed on his IG story that Dokdo territory was part of Korea ㅋㅋㅋ F*ck 

He must've taken that picture at some museum in Bogota, Columbia when NCT 127 was touring 

And in the related searches with his name you can see "Story" and "Takeshima" f*ck 

Taeyong uploaded a story like that about Japan. I've always felt like he was like that from a long time ago but seems like he didn't change at all"

Taeyong's IG story was a mess (?), but he doesn't even care that he has other Japanese memebers in his team, he's the type of guy who would wear comfort women related stuff on his body ^^ That's not weird at all

"Taeyong has been wearing his comfort women bracelet consistently ever since Korean Food King"
Taeyong - (looking at me with glowy eyes and friendly smile) This is something that is very meaningful to me (talking about his bracelet)

Even during his debut days, he was already being sworn at by Japanese
"So Taeyong turns out to be anti-Japan, ever since his middle school years, he should've just stayed quiet (^_^;) To people who don't know about comfort women issues, to them, it might just be a bracelet and there are people without much tact like that, but he's there showing up to the entire world on an IG story what he thinks about Takeshima. Even if it was unintentional, he should learn some manners"

Taeyong is problematic and I honestly don't know if that was intentional. He can think whatever he wants, but I wonder why he felt the need to showcase it to all his fans around the world. [??]"
"Regarding Taeyong's story, you can see that it's hopeless when there's a gap between history education. However, letting the global market know about something like that is honestly unprofessional. Of course I support him, but there are times when he cannot hide the fact that he's dumb. He shows that he lacks principles."
"Taeyong~ you should apologize over that Story (?)" 

(he drew Dokdo in his drawing of Korea) 

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1. [+57, -0]
What is it gonna do that they bash him? That's not even the issue here. They sure are confused. He's a Korean showing the Korean map. Why is it wrong?

2. [+52, -0]
The fact that they're making things up like how he's not being considerate of the Japanese members of his group is funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you look the other way around, these are foreigners who willingly chose to come to Korea to make moneyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+44, -0]
Do they think that hating on him on Twitter will make Dokdo theirs? Keep hating 

4. [+39, -0]
I just searched his name and it's a f*cking sight ㅋㅋ They're all calling him anti-Japanese and they're claiming Dokdo is theirs. Crazy people 

5. [+37, -0]
I'm a muggle passing by but I got annoyed. Whenever celebrities takes pictures of Dokdo, they always get hate on IG from Japanese people. And when they wear Hanboks, they do the same. We will post about what is ours, who are they to tell us what to post? Taeyong mansae

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