Park Ju Hyun’s agency has denied her dating rumors with NCT’s Taeyong.

On January 12, an online community post quickly spread claiming that Park Ju Hyun and Teayong were in a relationship. The anonymous poster claimed that the two enjoyed gaming online together and that Park Ju Hyun watched the NCT 127 concert from the seats reserved for family members.

Regarding the rumor, a source from 935 Entertainment stated, “Actress Park Ju Hyun and NCT’s Taeyong are just friends.”

The source from the agency elaborated that Park Ju Hyun has posted photos on her social media of her attending other concerts besides NCT 127. The source added, “She personally attended singer-and-actress IU’s concert and posted a picture, and she has shared proof of herself attending various other concerts besides that.”

They continued, “Park Ju Hyun enjoys playing games as a hobby and has great affection for them to the extent that she posted a video about online games such as League of Legends on her personal YouTube channel. She and NCT member Taeyong are just friends who game together and nothing more than that. Actress Park Ju Hyun is very sociable and has an active personality, so she has diverse friendships and maintains a wide network [of friendship].”

Currently, Park Ju Hyun is starring in the MBC drama “The Forbidden Marriage.”
CR: Soompi

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