To be honest, it's dating my boyfriend for me...ㅠㅠ When we were dating, it was fun but looking back at it, I feel like dating that oppa didn't bring anything to my life. I did a lot of skinship because that oppa wanted it and I had a severe guilty conscience. I also spent so much money and wasted so much of my study time on him.. I can't get rid of the idea that this was just a waste of my life ㅠㅠ
What is the thing that you guys regretted the most this year? Let's just write down one each..!

"They were so pathetic that I was wondering if someone could live like that..."

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1. [+65, 0]
Wasting my time without making any progress

2. [+52, 0]
I became depressed and wasn't able to get anything done... I would just browse my phone and community sites while obsesseing over webtoons and BLs.. Thinking back at it, it didn't contribute anything to my life...

3. [+44, 0]
It's not like I was binge-watching American dramas and Korean dramas on Netflix but I would frequent community sites, Facebook and YouTube in and out and continuously watched meaningless things and solidly wasted my time

4. [+27, 0]
I kept pushing back my science studies and only studied it last minute and failed my entrance exam

5. [+19, 0]
Feeling too much pressure... I could've just worked hard but I kept feeling so much pressure that I became afraid of studying. If I went on sites like Orbi (T/N: website that helps students prepare for the entrance exam), I just get so distressed and nervous... and then I would get a bad headache and end up wasting my time... I should've done like I always did but why did it become this difficult for me?

6. [+18, 0]
Why did I give up on maths? I seriously don't understand and I'm so pissed at myself. I wanna kill the past me, for real

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