Yoon Jisung
2021 Let Me Be Your Knight

Ong Seongwu
2019 At Eighteen
2020 More Than Friends
2021 Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?
2023 Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon
Movies: Seoul Vibe, Life Is Beautiful, 20th Century Girl, Cattle Run, Starlight Falls

Hwang Minhyun
2020 Live On
2022 Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow
2023 Useless Lies

Kang Daniel
2022 Rookie Cops

Park Jihoon
2019 Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency
2020 Love Revolution
2021 At a Distance, Spring Is Green
2022 Weak Hero Class 1
Movie: Audrey

Bae Jinyoung
2021 User Not Found

Lee Daewhi
2019 Mon Chouchou Global House
2022 Love Is for Suckers
Movie: The Greatest Shuttle

Lai Guanlin
2019 A Little Thing Called First Love
2021 Don't Disturb My Study
2022 Love The Way You Are
Movie: Winter and Spring Fight

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1. Wow I feel so nosalgic, everyone is living the hard working life...

2. But I wish that Park Jihoon would just stick to acting

3. Hwang Minhyun in Alchemy was good

4. I support them all! Acting is different from being an idol so it might be difficult to adjust but seeing how they all made their place there makes me admire them. They seem to work hard and practice hard so seeing kids like them see the light makes me happy!

5. Park Jihoon is seriously freaking good at acting

6. Weak Hero was freaking fun and Park Jihoon's acting is freaking insane. They have to make season 2

7. I only saw Wear Hero in this list and I was addcited. It was f*cking fun. Park Jihoon was straight up Yeon Si Eun and his acting was freaking crazy. He's a pro at doing watery eyes

8. Wanna One makes me nostalgicㅠㅠ the members are all working hard huh.. I'm thankful. I'll look forward to them as actors too

9. I watched Weak Hero and Park Jihoon did well

10. I like Ong Seongwu's acting and his face really looks like an actor and he has charmsㅋㅋ I wanna see him more often

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