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1. Hanni should get the first solo out of NewJeans, she dances well, sings well and she's good at everything 

2. Pham Hanni was born to be an idol, just her name alone is already Pham Hanni

3. Isn't it too good????? PLease give her a collab with IU 

4. Our princess is too good πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

5. Pham Hanni, what can't you do?

6. Hanni Pham is too good γ… γ…  She looks so cute but she dances well, her voice color is good, her pronunciation is good too and even her techniques are good.... 

7. Wow the moment she started, my ears melted, her voice color is so pretty and she's such a good singer too. She's daebak 

8. Didn't she play the ukelele at one point? I thought she was a good singer when I saw her play that and sing back then 

9. Hanni is a good dancer, a good singer and her voice color is good to boot 

10. The way she talks sounds like a baby but the moment she starts singing, she completely flips. Her voice color is so good 

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