[theqoo] [SMTOWN LIVE 2023] NCT U - THE 7TH SENSE

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1. Ten is seriously so good 

2. Crazy ㅠㅠ I love you 

3. The legendary start of NCT 

4. Even after 7 years, this song still feels fresh 

5. The legendary Ten and Taeyong, they're seriously so good 

6. Insane... The song, the choreography, the singing, everything is perfect. The 7th sense is the 7th sense

7. From the intro, I got goosebumps 

8. 7th sense... The essence of NCT... We're back to the fundamentals...

9. They're fundamentals... 

10. Seriously the fact that they could pick those 5 members of NCT is still crazy even looking at it now 

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