His hair density 6 years ago 

And this was the day before yesterday.. 
This is goosebupms inducing, he looks the same.. 
It's flawless

Even with bleaching and dyeing, his hair density has no end 

Even with his big hands, it gets buried in his hair when he brushes them 



It's to the point where it's hard to part his hair 

His hairline is pretty but he also has a bunch of baby hair and think eyebrows 

This was him before debut.. His hairline was so pretty 

After debut

NCT Jaehyun: 
"You won't find things like dark circles, blemishes, pores, or uneveness on his skin like you'd find in other guys his age"

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1. [+46,- 4]
Wow I'm f*cking jealous 

2. [+44, -3]
The idol who can't manae the amount of hair he has

3. [+31, -1]
Do you automatically get good skin if you're born with this amount of hair? Why is his skin good too?

4. [+22, -1]
He's the male idol with the densest hair

5. [+16, -1]
The first time I 've heard about Jaehyun I learned the meaning of "you just need to be born with it"

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