It's giving me Charlie's Chocolate Factory vibe.. 

They have 4 concept photos and 3 concept videos, so it's possible that this wouldn't be their actual concept. I'm so excited

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This time, I really hope they're going for the general public.. But still, I remember that DICE's trailer also made us believe it would be public-friendly and it wasn't... I really hope they can blow up with their own colors 

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I don't care what other people say, I'm always looking forward to NMIXX's albums and the stage that they'll show.. They can keep on pushing their own colors and if they instead choose to go to the public-friendly route and hit big, it's good too. The best scenario would be for NMIXX to hit big with their own colors and gain the love of the public ㅎㅎ

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The hair and makeup is kind of a miss though?

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Seriously their new concept is too nice 

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Seriously I love the fact that this is a new concept

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