The content showcased at NCT's exhibition was suspected of stealing the technology of a domestic startup.

Works using GIV (Gesture Interactive Video) technology were unveiled at the 'NCT HOME' exhibition, which has been held at X-Factory in Seongsu-dong, Seoul since February 8. Suspicions have been raised that it may have copied technologies and ideas from other companies that have even been registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The patent holder of GIV technology is Momenti, an American IT startup. In addition, the patent license and domestic monopoly right for the technology belong to Backslash, known as an affiliate of Moment.

Live Connect, a consignment company of SM Entertainment that planned and hosted 'NCT HOME', first encountered GIV technology and various sample contents at a meeting with Backslash in May of last year. After positively discussing how to utilize the NCT exhibition, an additional meeting was held. Afterwards, the collaboration stopped, but eight months later, an exhibition using the technology and ideas was held.

As a result, SM seemed to be getting proof of content from Backslash, a Korean monopoly business owner, and starting to remove the problematic works. However, after being notified that the works potentially "cannot be regarded as an infringement of patent rights" through a patent attorney, the company sent a proof of contents through the consignment company and notified that it would resume the exhibition.

In response, Backslash sent a warning letter stating the patent infringement, and the exhibition content has been changed to a version without GIV technology.

The work has already received enthusiastic responses from fans through social media. The damage to the startup company is getting bigger as people started mistaking their technology as 'latecomer' or 'fake' although they first held the patent.

Regarding this, Backslash said, "We are currently discussing how to solve this problem."

In addition, SM Entertainment said, "We have given Live Connect, the exhibition planning agency, overall authority for the planning and operation of the 'NCT HOME' exhibition, and received an official letter from the legal representative of the company that raised the suspicion, and asked the exhibition agency to confirm the facts and respond. Currently, the company that planned the exhibition is directly communicating with the company that raised the suspicion of plagiarism, and related content has been temporarily suspended from the exhibition and replaced with other content. In order for the dispute to be resolved quickly, we are conducting mediation and reviewing whether or not rights have been infringed at the same time."

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1. Why is SM acting this way

2. Hul, and there were so many fans who went because of that technology too. Did they even post a notice for to the fans??

3. So they only held meetings and are stealing ideas from companies that make a living out of ideas...

4. What sins have the artists committed?..

5. Ah.. so that's why they removed it..?ㅋㅋㅋ I was wondering why...

6. So they met and stopped the collaboration and 8 months later, they started a exhibition with the idea they discussed at the meetingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Seriously eba

7. Pay the royalties before using the technology, I'm begging you

8. They are seriously thugs... aigo...

9. Just scrap the whole exhibition

10. They didn't even do this without knowing and even held a meeting... for real, they are nothing else than thugs

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