Game company Com2us and BTS agency HYBE , have been steadily offering to purchase shares in SM Entertainment since last year.

According to the investment banking (IB) industry on the 8th, HYBE has been toying with their tender offer card for SM Entertainment's shares until recently. It is said that a large domestic securities company took charge of consulting and arranging acquisition financing, and adjusted the tender offer price to 110,000 to 120,000 won per share. If the tender offer was successful, it will likely result in a structure in which HYBE would be the largest shareholder and Lee Sooman would be the second largest shareholder for joint management.

The market believes that SM Entertainment unexpectedly held an emergency board meeting on the 7th to carry out a paid-in capital increase for Kakao.

This is because, from Lee Sooman's point of view, if he transfers his stake to a strategic investor (SI) who will further grow the company and remains as the second-largest shareholder and participates in management, he can gain a justification to persuade the remaining minority shareholders. 

However, it is unclear whether HYBE will go ahead with the tender offer in a situation where Kakao has appeared. The stock price of SM Entertainment rose to 98,700 won (9.54 percent) on the same day, so the purchase price should be raised. Even if the tender offer is successful, it will not be easy to exercise management right away given the current composition of the board of directors. They have to bear the burden of holding votes through regular shareholders' meetings or extraordinary shareholders' meetings in March. An official from HYBE said, "We have not received any official information regarding this."

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1. But why is it a white knight? Aren't they the black knight?
> They are using economic terms here...

2. Huh?
> HYBE's rep said they don't have any official info about this. So please write an article about this only once it's finalizedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. HYBE said they aren't doing this

4. Bang Sihyuk shouldn't interfere and just stay still. But since nothing is confirmed yet so hearing this news from in between bushes is kinda awkward

5. I hate this, I hate their chairman

6. What is happening again?

7. Huh????

8. HYBE, please stop!!!

9. So you're telling me that HYBE can become the majority shareholder here... for real, you'll never know what can happen in life

10. No but can't SM just go on the way they are with Lee Sooman....? I don't understand why they have to get Kakao involved against their will and I also find it shocking to have Lee Sooman and Bang Si Hyuk as shareholders like that. Are we never gonna get one quiet day?...

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