"Q: Do you relate to having a phobia of calling?
- I relate to having call phobia - 91.1%"

Yellow: Try calling them
Blue: I'll send an email

Yellow: Just call them already!
Blue: I'll send them a text too...

Yellow: Just give them a call!
Blue: I'll send another email.

"#Characteristics of having call phoba
What is call-phobia?

Although phone phobia is not an official diagnosis, it can be considered a form of social avoidance. This is because the affected people have a deep fear of communicating directly with each other over the phone."

"Am I the only one nervous about calling..?"

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1. Just the thought of having to call someone makes my heart beat so fast... it's so scary

2. I'm also like this. But once I force myself to do it, it's not as bad as I think. Sometimes, when I get frustrated at work, I just end up calling and sometimes, I also call because it's more convenient. It's interesting

3. I'm like this too.... But I can also understand that there are instances when calling is more convenient. However, sometimes when you're on the phone, you have to speak and make up your mind quickly so it stresses me out ㅠ

4. I'm gonna talk about something a bit unrealted but after starting working, I kinda just got used to it. But when I have to call my in-laws, I still need to take a few deep breaths... I'm trying to avoid my in-lawsㅜ

5. I'm not scared to the point of avoiding it at all cost but I don't like calling

6. I'm working in the broadcast industry and I'm having such a hard time because of this

7. When I was young, the teacher at the academy would call me so I was scared of it. But after getting into the work environment, I started getting frustrated with emails so I would just call people right awayㅋㅋㅋ I'm fine with calling

8. Agree, I hate calling

9. The faster you deal with this phobia, the better it is. The more you try to avoid it, the more you realize you can't get anything done

10. I hate calling so much.....

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