[instiz] HUL SUPERM...?

No way...?

"I plan to make another notice for SuperM separately ^_^"

original post: here

1. Who is this person?!
> CEO Lee Sung Soo

2. I wish that he wouldn't say anything until he actually makes the notice.....

3. I hope they come back faster...

4. He should just stay still..

5. But... he should be letting the fans know so...

6. But this person is pretty good at replying his DMs

7. What notice...? A notice of disbandment/

8. He's pretty good at giving feedbacks..!!

9. Please stop going on Insta... It's not like he's managing his company by himself

10. Is he saying that he's not disbanding SuperM and that he's gonna talk about their comeback? I think I saw a picture of Lucas practicing not long ago too

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