[instiz/enter-talk] THAT'S HOW IDOLS TAKE SELCAS...

"Which one should I pick"

What should she pick... she looks good in all of them... She needs to upload them all.... She shouldn't be picking one out of 100... so if she takes 100 pics, she gets 100 pics that are all worth sharing...

"I slept well..."

The face she has after waking up...

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1. Seriously a bunny....

2. Seriously, it must be so fun taking selcas for herㅋㅋ... I'm getting a reality check

3. I want to save them all to my gallery

4. Too pretty.......

5. It's because she's Nayeon... *nods*

6. Too pretty. Meanwhile, I'm curious about her topㅠㅠ

7. They are all pretty so it doesn't matter which one she chooses

8. But I want them all though? Can I unnie?????

9. Give us all

10. She seriously looks like a rabbit


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1. [+72, -1]
I'm jealous that her selcas look like this

2. [+45, -1]
Seeing how she looks like this in a normal camera makes me wonder how pretty she really is... seriously, she's freaking pretty

3. [+29, 0]
The pictures in the last row are pretty too ㅠㅠ

4. [+21, 0]
Unnie, please just give us all

5. [+19, 0]
Pretty, when were these taken?

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