1. You think that they will go for something refreshing like an innocent concept that we haven't seen in a while or high-teen

2. They will want to advance in the US so they'll make a girl crush group that will focus on stage performance

I think that aespa are girl crush so I'm wondering if their image will overlap with the new group but since aespa's concept is pretty unique, it doesn't really scream girl crush no? aespa are pretty hard to define..

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1. SM can't pull off 1 so they'll go for 2

2. Since they have a lot of members, they'll have no choice to go for innocent or high-teen

3. I kinda feel like they'll go for a new concept... Because SM always comes up with a new conceptㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. 2 is aespa so seeing how they have multiple members, it will be 1

5. Please 1111

6. They will 100% go for bright high-teen

7. I wanna see SM in that girly-girly vibe but they have Kwangya... aespa opened SM's fantasy world so... can they release a group that has a girly concept that's different from SNSD - F(x) - Red Velvet - aespa? I can fangirl on 2 groups🥺

8. I don't think it will be either of them. Because girl groups have way more than 2 concepst... aespa aren't totally girl crush either and F(x), Soshi and RV aren't totally innocent either... nowadays, there are a lot of varied concept so their rookies will probably come out with a new concept

9. aespa isn't girl crush but cyber punk no???? Anyways, I hope they go with innocent

10. What's sure is that they'll have a different concept from aespa..?

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