This is how men look at their heights
Below 175: Short... Freaking short... 
176~179: Short
180~183: You'll hear things like "Objectively, that's not short alright~ your level is on the taller side~" however you don't actually feel that tall 
187: The prettiest height for a man 
Late 180s~above 190s: Tall and reliable 
Above 200: Wow... You're so tall, you're enormous

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1. The guy who tweeted this is around 173, and the men in his family are around 180-190. He's saying stuff like that because he lives with models so that's why he feels like everyone around him are so tall 

2. Ah what the? I'm 166 and I consider 178 super tall 

3. I'm 170 and people starting from 183 make me realize "Oh they're kinda tall". The other thing is I've never felt shocked over people being "enormous" and it's also a fact that 180 doesn't feel that tall 

4. The guy who tweeted must be tall 

5. Depending on your own height, you'll feel different about people around you 

6. I'm 166 and people who are 180 are just right and feel tall 

7. To me, someone who is 177 feels tall 

8. The moment you're 178, you're starting to look tall to me... 

9. ㅋㅋㅋ I'm 158 and I've been introduced to a guy who was 188 and my neck hurt so bad... This is a case by case issue 

10. As a girl who is 170, I can relate to the post 

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