How can a 17 y.o kid look so pretty? If you put her in today's age, she would be a '07 liner
What's more is that her aura is f*cking crazy even in pictures that distort her proportions

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1. [+77, -2]
Sulli is just the one top in my eyes... Her eyes, nose, mouth and face shape are all pretty... her skin is also fair, her eye smile is cute and she's tall and slenderㅠㅠㅠ she's seriously freaking pretty

2. [+55, -1]
In my opinion, Sulli is the prettiest female pretty of the 1st-4th gen idols. If I could be reborn, I want to have Sulli's face

3. [+32, -1]
Wasn't there a picture of a Korean Geisha that looked like Sulli from the Joseon dynasty circulating around? They seriously looked exactly the same ㅠ Sulli is seriously pretty (T/N: pic for ref)

4. [+24, -1]
When I was young, I just found her "pretty" but... if I compare these pictures to my peers of similar age, having these looks is seriously unbelievable for her age

5. [+8, 0]
But if you look at the celebrities who were the trend back then, a lot of them debuted in their late teens but they didn't look as young as Jang Wonyoung does now. Lee Seunggi was 18 when he sang 'Because you're my woman' and became popular. Yoona was 18 when she acted in the drama 'You Are my Sunshine' and seeing them at that age, they made me wonder how people can look so mature at that age. Same with Krystal

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