Everyone… No matter how busy and tough they have it, those idols who want to date will do so secretly. After they’ve debuted for some time and they become seasoned in the industry, as long as their dating doesn’t cause a huge ruckus, I think agencies don’t really enforce control that much. They just say things along the lines of “don’t get caught.” But as for trainees, as you’re in the midst of preparing to debut, I’ve seen people get cut [because of it]. Interaction with other idols is more common than you think at music shows. First of all, during the first week of promotions, as you absolutely must go around giving your CDs to other singers, there are some who fall for each other then. Or, there’s a time when all the singers go to greet the PD after the show, and during that time, the idols all face each other in a long corridor. They could fall for each other then too. Or, as the idol industry is really small, most people know each other through someone at least. I think it’s more common where one person likes another and asks their mutual for an introduction. And of course, there’s the one place that can’t be left out. I think you guys all know this one. [ISAC]. I don’t have to say it but it’s already famous as a meeting spot for idols. That’s right. It’s a place where idols can meet. They exchange glances or notes with their numbers on it.
Cr. Koreaboo

Comment: The video's intentions are so selfish. Fans of celebrities hate these kinds of topics too; and please don't burden the other members. 
> I don't hate it though
> [Jin] Before shooting this video, I held a Q&A, that's why I discussed about it in the video. "Dating" related questions were the most popular ones, so I couldn't avoid it! Everyone is promoting while working hard in their own path, this applies to me too of courseㅎㅎ please don't view this too negatively!!!

Comment: Park Jiwoo, you've suffered so much...ㅠ Thank you for realizing your dream of becoming a singer at such a young age <3
> [Jin] I love you

Caption: Of course, I've received a lot of comments like that too. 
I've realized from a long time ago about how different people in this world were. 
And I've anticipated these various reactions to my videos to a certain extent when I said these words in the video! 

Just like there will be people who will view this video with a frown, there will be people who will enjoy it and will satisfy their curiosity too ㅎㅎ

What I want to say is that even to some people, I might sound like an immature person who is being a burden to the members, to other people, I might be someone who just made a fun video that answered some of their curiosity ㅎㅎ

There's no answer to it, you're free to think whatever you want. 
However, from my position, I'm just working hard trying to live my life. 
And I'm putting effort so that I can run towards my dreams without any regrets

I used to be Lovelyz's Jin but right now, I'm living my life working hard as Park Jiwoo

I won't ask you to view me prettily, but I'm greedyㅎㅎ
Please just don't hate me!

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1. I don't think much of the situation, but can she at least refrain from dragging the other members in this

2. But everyone is already aware of this, why is this a controversy?

3. You just need to let it sink that all idols in the industry are already datingㅋㅋI hope people wake up from their delusion of "My bias is so busy and knows that their fans are watching their every move! So my bias would never date!" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And isn't it just natural that idols would find it most comfortable to date between them? If they break up, that's the least plausible way for them to get caughtㅋㅋㅋ And dating between idols is also the easiest way for them

6. She's probably speaking from experience so she's talking about how idols work from her position 

7. It's not like she's teaching us anything new, and these are all stuff that people already knew. I can't understand people who are still trying to deny these or who are accusing to "only reveal the truth now"

8. I just don't understand why she thought it was necessary to talk about it 

9. Who cares.. You will look your best during your 20s and that's also when you're the most interested in dating. Isn't this just a given 

10. Everyone knows it already, there's a reason why most idols don't talk about it because it's just unnecessary ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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