t/n: The "Chatting part time job" that she's referring to is basically entertaining other men through chatting, similar to streamers who can get gifts, etc. men can send you gifts/money through chat and some send pictures too. Kwon Mina allegedly sent him pictures of her legs
"Kwon Mina who debuted under a girl group, avoiding chatting part time jobs"

Kwon Mina (scam victim): I was working from home and a "chatting part time job" came up, I thought to myself "wouldn't I just need to be conversing with people?" I thought as long as the man opens a chat room and the woman enters the room and chats with him, that would be it.

Kwon mina: After he learned that I was a public figure, he said "Can I upload your picture on SNS?" and he even coerced me to send 2 other members' pictures.

She got scammed 15M won by a Chinese Korean through her chatting part time job 

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1. You're telling me she looks at stuff like that and believes they're legit...?
(ads about chatting with women)

2. Why are people bullsh*tting over the victims of phishing more than the criminals? I don't get it 

3. ㅠㅠ It really looks like she doesn't have a strong social support around her... She probably thought that she's living her life to her fullest

4. Are people swearing at the victim here really humans?

5. Do you guys really expect her to still have good people around her? Nobody would be ready to take care of her 

6. Aigo I didn't know I'd hear about her whereabouts this way... This is sad

7. I feel bad for herㅠㅠ 

8. Every time I look at the way she thinks, I don't even know where to start 

9. Why is she getting scammed all the time..

10. I know that she has mental issues, but every time I heard about her, it's always about stuff like these.. I do feel bad for her but I'm also frustrated. Seriously I really hope I'd hear better news

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