Three lines summary: 
1. A male musician named Park Jwaheon caused controversy with his audience by making remarks on a golden phone in the behind-the-scenes cam of the musical 'If/Then'.
2. Park Jwaheon then went silent for a week and then deleted his IG
3. If/Then's producer then decided to edit the scene out from the "Shownote" and keep on insisting in not releasing any statements

The musical 'If/Then' depicts the future that changes depending on the choice of the main character, Jung Seonah is also making her comeback there

There might be some people who haven't been following the trot scene lately, but he's quite a well-known person 

However, the remarks in question appeared in a video uploaded a few days ago by Shownote, the production company that brought this work to Korea.

Yoo Soho (grey shirt) said that he records his voice on his phone for the sake of monitoring his stage
However, Park Jwaheon (black clothes) said "So this is a golden phone for your fans right?"
(honestly they even emphasized it with the subtitles)

"Whenever I'm on stage, I always monitor our voices"

"I'm always recording on my phone to check it after"

(protecting personal life)
"Wow~ everyone! He seriously has so many recordings"

"So this must be a golden phone for the fans right?"


As of 2023, everyone knows that in Korea, the word golden phone isn't synonymous to "something precious"
Because this word became a huge issue a few years ago in connection with a s*xual exploitation crime

After this words came out from Park Jwaheon, he became silent for an entire week and then decided to delete his SNS
It's as if he's admitting in the end that he knew exactly what those words meant when he used them 

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1. I also don't really know what the golden phone means though?

2. Seriously do we need to pay attention to every word we use now? ㅠㅠ

3. Am I weird for not knowing;;

4. I pity the actor 

5. Meanwhile Zico is promoting just fine now, I think that this is a bit forced

6. ?????? Are people way too sensitive now?????

7. Huh... I didn't even think that far 

8. Musical fans are so weirdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. But Zico is promoting just fine;; 

10. The fact that people are coming to a conclusion that he acknowledges the meaning of the words because he deleted his SNS is even funnier. I would've also deleted my SNS if I saw people hating me for no reason

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