The modifier that comes to mind when thinking of Minah is 'Son Heung-min's ex-some' and 'Girl's Day'. And nothing comes to mind when thinking about her acting career. Even after 12 years of acting, she continues to falter. The only thing that comes to mind is 'Beautiful Gong Shim' from 7 years ago. Since then, she has never produced any box office hits. 

She appeared as an actress for the first time in 2011 on "I Trusted Him" but from her dramas to her movies, there was not a single break through. Even after 10 years after she debuted her acting career, she does not have a single representative work.

None of the works such as 'My Absolute Boyfriend', 'Check Out the Event', 'A Better Tomorrow', 'Snowball' could overcome her dating rumors with Son Heungmin.

It was difficult for Mina herself to erase the 'Son Heungmin' tag through acting. As an idol, she rose to stardom once, but as an actress, she was humiliated.

Among the dramas Mina appeared in, the most recent work was MBC's 'Check Out the Event'. The small audience rating stayed in the 1% range.

The previous work, SBS 'My Absolute Boyfriend', also stayed at an average viewership rating of 2%. Even though it had a whopping 36 episodes, it was difficult to capture the hearts of viewers. When viewer ratings slowed down, it even fell to the 1% level.

Minah was recently cast in Genie TV's original 'Delivery Man'. 'Delivery Man' is a high-tension investigative drama about a taxi driver named Seo Youngmin (played by Yoon Chanyoung), and Kang Jihyun (played by Bang Minah), a soul with amnesia. The first broadcast is scheduled for March 1st.

Ahead of the broadcast, Bang Minah said, “The director, writer, and all the staff and actors worked hard in unison for a ‘Delivery man’ that delivers laughter, happiness, and emotions to viewers. I hope that our earnest heart will be well 'delivered' to the viewers. We ask for a lot of love and interest.”

Now is the time to for Bang Minah to show that she merits her title of an actress. For actress Bang Minah in her 30s, this work 'Delivery Man' is expected to be an inflection point as an actress. She can't linger on her Girls Day title anymore. Now is the time to achieve outstanding results as an actress alone.

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1. Is the journalist her anti?

2. The title is insane 

3. Even suing that journalist wouldn't be enough 

4. What the? This was freaking rude. Seriously this is so mean 

5. I hope journalists will stop fillinf up their stomach by f*cking up others like that. They need to be sued. Are they not ashamed to earn money like that?

6. But Minah is a good actress, she shot some independent movies that I watched and they were all good 

7. Minah is a good actress though 

8. How can someone be this rude ????

9. This isn't considered hate comments? Is that really an article?

10. The title is insane. I really enjoyed Gongshim

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