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In a situation where a movie was filmed before the actor/actress was caught doing drugs

1. We should still release the movie. 
Although it's problematic to use a celebrity involved in drug use, since everything was already shot... The money of the production company and invesntors is at stake, so I will be able to turn a blind eye once the movie comes out.

2. We shouldn't release the movie. 
I'm sorry to the production team and investors but I can't consume these kind of clebrities. If they release the movie, the public won't like it either

What do you think?

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2. 111111 This all consumer. But I also hope that it will be the actor's last work

3. 1, what wrong did the other people commit?...

4. 222 just like CFs, they have contract fees. They need to manage their image both pre-release and during the releaseㅇㅇ whether it's a movie or a drama, companies use these actors for a reason

5. 2, seeing similar situations happening, celebrities who did drugs still haven't retired from the industry

6. 222 the criminals should repay everyone

7. I used to think 1 but I feel like 2 would be the right thing to do... if the movie does well despite the druggie, they will just continue to hire them in the future... the druggie should be the one paying for the refilming

8. 22222 the celebrity committing the crime should repay the victims. It's a trend to include the repayment of potential damages in a contract in case of a scandal arising. So the criminal should pay and the work should be canceled

9. 1, of course they should still release it. Do they know how much is invested in a movie? It's the public's responsibility not to consume it

10. 1, having the lives of hundreds of people impacted by one person is too much

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