There are business posts about him every single day and even when the female idols are getting hate, G-Dragon's fans would flood in and upvte their best comments and raise his posts to the featured talks. While they are doing all these business posts about him, everybody just ignores it.

He did drugs + he showed off his dogs on broadcast when it was a puppy\ies but when they got bigger, he got tired of them and left one in the countryside to ultimately abandon him while he left the other one in the countryside too + his dirty performances at his concert + he made a legendary f*ck up when he was in the army. He's f*cking shameless.

Looking at him, I feel like Yoo Ah-In will also shamelessly come back after 2 years

"MC: Isn't the taste of marijuana and cigarette different?
- Couldn't you differentiate the shape?
- It seems like I'm interrogating him
- About the late revelation of the results of the investigation, did the big company (YG) blocked the press?"

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1. [+94, -15]
The GD-jussis (T/N: GD's ahjussi fans) will be back at it again shielding him saying that he didn't abandon his dog. He showed his dogs off when they were young and small. But once they got bigger, it was a pain for him to walk his dogs and they were smelly, etc. So he left them at his pension in the suburbs. This is what we call "abandonment". What's worse is that he didn't even care for his dogs properly so one of them actually disappeared and he only have one other left. He has a lot of money too so why would he do that?

2. [+78, -12]
He's a criminal so of course it would be impossible to hype him up in other female online community sites

3. [+75, -12]
The way they write those GD posts all sound like ahjummas and I hate it so much..

4. [+71, -10]
Fans of criminals are freaking severe... His scandals were one of he most legendary among 2nd gen idols but evey time we're talking about recent idols here, his fans would come and say "GD this, GD that" or "if not for GD...". He's a criminal and did marijuana

5. [+63, -11]
If he can't take care of a special breed dog, then he should do like others and adopt a small house dog like a bichon or a mixed breed instead. He got a Shar Pei just to pretend to be so special and to end up abandoning him. Legendary

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