Please give Love Me Like This comeback on March 20th a lot of interest💓

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1. This song will be a good one 

2. I like the song they released for the pre-release so I'm looking forward to this one too 

3. I'm looking forward!!!!! Actually last title was good too, but it was such a hit or miss for other people that I was sad ㅠㅠ I really hope this time is the good one 

4. Crazy, this one is it 

5. My heart is fluttering like crazy 

6. Hul it's good it's good, I'm curious! It feels like a good song and Lily's voice is insane. And the last bit with Sullyoon's vocal was too good, she killed it ㅋㅋ

7. The beat is a freaking scam... It keeps repeating in my head 

8. Oh it's giving Wonder Girls Like This vibe I love it 

9. Wow it has the RNB vibeㄷㄷ it sounds like a masterpiece

10. Sullyoon is insane 

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