[enter-talk] IVE'S TITLE SONG'S TITLE IS OUT ㄷㄷ..


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1. [+37, -1]
This is a b-side track because Kim Yina lyricist isn't there. This is a song that Yujin wrote herself 

2. [+26, -1]
Ahn Yujin is the Ahn Yujin from IVE that we know?? Wow her schedules is already insane but she's even able to write lyrics now, daebak 

3. [+26, -1]
I don't think this is the title, but the b-side track? Anyways, I don't know but seeing how Ahn Yujin is the only lyricist is daebak 

4. [+15, -1]
This isn't the title 

5. [+8, -0]
It's not the title 

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