Kim Sarang 
Her birthday is January 12th 1978, she's 45 years old 
She's 1m73 and 51kg 

1. In 2000 she debuted as Miss Korea at 21 y'o 
She won Miss Korea but failed to enter Miss Universe, she won the best traditional clothing award

2. In 2005 she was 26 years old
She appeared on KBS' A Love To Kill 
She played the side character Ha Dajeong 

3. In 2010, she was 31 y'o
She appeared in Secret Garden as Yoonseul 

4. In 2015, she was 36 y'o 
She appeared in Beloved Eun-dong
it was her first lead role but unfortunately, it didn't hit big 

After that, seh stopped promoting but she consistently shot ads

5. Between 2020~2023 she was 41y'o~44y'o 
She shot ads for beauty brands that emphasize anti-aging, such as Ever Collagen and Iced Hemp Cream

6. Her most recent pictures

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1. [+169, -6]
Jang Nara for me 

2. [+102, -2]
Why does this sound so much like a company written article?

3. [+92, -5]
It's true that she has a baby face but the one top should be Jang Nara

4. [+76, -35]
Yeah the power of medecine. Natural medecine 

5. [+52, -7]
Choi Hwajung for me (T/N: pic for ref. She's a famous radio presenter - she's 62 this year (63 in Korean age)

6. [+47, -3]
For me, the real baby face is Park Joomi nim. She's 52 y'o but I can't believe it. 

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