Have you guys seen Seventeen Dokyum who kept looking at his phone the whole time he was in a video-call with a Chinese fan?

Whether he was looking at something related to work or something personal, the fan must've spent a lot of money in order to spend this little time with him... moreover, the fan even did her best talking to him in Korean from beginning to end and seeing that just breaks my heart...
He was looking at his phone while only listening to the things she was saying through his earphone which made the situation even safer. Seems like the fan only realized later on. The anecdote that the fan shared after the call was also so sad... ㅠ That's more than hating his fans. He just have no manners at all.

(T/N: The fan saying that he was looking down while typing on his phone for 30 seconds. The fan asked him if he could take a selca with her but she saw him pushing his phone away and said that he couldn't take a picture with her. She said she understand if that's the company's policy not to take selfies but he was also playing with his phone the whole time.She overall said that the incident made her really sad and upset - the Korean is broken since it was translated from Chinese)

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1. [+231, -4]
People don't care about their controversies so it will just get buriedㅋㅋ

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No but for real, does he know how much the fan has spent just so spend 2-3 minutes with him?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously, earning money must be so easy...

3. [+178, -3]
She should've left the fandom last year when this broke out
"Seventeen Dokyum on V-app

No but I seriously am ok with him dating and would rather him dating but this incident was a bit... Seeing how a male idol was talking about bringing his girlfriend in-an-out of his dorm feels like there were always complaints (? T/n: not too sure of the context)... Seeing a kid who usually has a bright image showing this weird side gave me chills. It makes me wonder if he was just acting all this time? But why is he so casual about it? Am I the only one f*cking crying right now?"

4. [+151, -3]
I seriously was shocked seeing the light reflecting on his glasses. I think that I would've cried

5. [+132, -3]
If I were her, I would've cried as soon as the call was over


 "Dokyum sending texts while being in a video-call with a fan"

(T/N: the full video was deleted by OP)

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1. Wow... the reflection on his glasses was f*cking oba? It's not like the fan went there for free. If I were her, I would've left the fandom on the spot

2. Wow seriously, this is too much... how can he act this way?

3. Dokyum-ah, why are you like that..?

4. No but he was caught texting his fan in the middle of a fan call so humanely speaking, shouldn't they reimburse the fan...? No but don't fan spend millions on wons to attend those calls...??? Of course, money can't compensate for everything but they should at least pay her back...

5. Ah f*ck, I would've left the fandom if I were her. This is even more hurtful than leaving the fandom because of a f*ck up...

6. Why was the full version deleted?

7. He's in BooSeokSoon but he can't even get a "fighting" spirit by himself

8. Trash manners. Ha.. ㅡㅡ

9. Just how short is a fan-call anyways.... and he's acting this way in front of someone who spent so much money ㅠthe fan must be so upset

10. Hul this is making me see Seventeen in a new light

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