On March 12th, Ahn Gil Ho’s legal representative said, “Director Ahn Gil Ho had a girlfriend when he studied in the Philippines in 1996. Knowing that his girlfriend was teased at school because of him, he was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, causing him to hurt others and leave an unforgettable wound for them”.

They added, “We sincerely ask for forgiveness from people who were hurt due to this accident. If given an opportunity, the director would like to deliver his sincere apology in person or through a phone call.”

Through his lawyer, the director apologized, “I deeply apologize for causing controversy with this unfortunate incident.”

On March 10th, netizen A, who claimed that he was a victim of Ahn Gil Ho’s school violence action, made a revelation on an online community, saying “I don’t often watch K-dramas so I didn’t know Ahn Gil Ho is working as a director. I found out about it when classmates from my Philippine school shared it in a group chatroom after ‘The Glory’ became a hot topic”, adding “Even if Ahn Gil Ho is living well, I don’t want to make an issue out of it. However, I felt frustrated and couldn’t forgive the fact that a school violence perpetrator created a drama like ‘The Glory,’ which sounds an alarm about school violence.”

According to A, in 1996, director Ahn Gil Ho was a third-year high school student at a local school in the Philippines, while A was in middle school at an international school. The incident happened because director Ahn dated a female student B, then A and his classmates began teasing B. A and their friends were then assaulted by a group of senior students, including director Ahn.

A claimed, “I was too nervous and scared to remember accurately how many people were there. I think there were around 10 older students including PD Ahn. From then on, we began to get beaten and when we didn’t answer questions about who had made fun of PD Ahn’s girlfriend, they threatened us with things like ‘bring a knife’ and ‘squeeze them’, followed by threats and physical assault.” The assault reportedly lasted for nearly two hours.


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1. This is a comedy seriously.. 

2. Ha f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Didn't he claim he didn't remember any of this 

3. He shouldn't have apologized

4. No but of course he needs to apologize, looking at his girlfriend's interviw, he almost assaulted someone. They said that this wasn't just joking around 

5. What the f*ck is this? A scool violence assailant shooting a drama about school violence?

6. He actually acknowledged it... 

7. So the whole point of the drama disappeared..

8. Hmm... but even if they claim that they were hitting them jokingly, they were hitting them for 2 hours straight as a highschool 3rd year VS middle school 2nd yearㅠㅠ This sounds pretty severe

9. He siad tha teh didn't remember anything and he ot caught, he should've just not been stubborn and acknowlege it from the start. The 2nd season is already out and the influence of the drama is insane right now, was he trying to buy time? Damn it 

10. What crime did the actors commit? This is honestly annoying 

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