From 83 to 101

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1. It's normal that you will eventually stop being #1 with seniority but dropping out of the charts after only 1 day and not even being able to be in the top100 just shows nobody expects anything from them anymore 

2. Twice. Please hit big

3. I loved Pop and Alcohol Free, their concept and songs were way better

4. JYP's recent songs were all a miss.. They're not a big agency anymore, they can be comparable to small agencies now.. 

5. I've never expected Twice to fall out of the charts after only 1 day. Personally I find Twice suit brighter songs better

6. Twice isn't promoting on music shows? I feel like if they start, the song will rise

7. Usually songs always fall during weekends anyways 

8. They need to get rid of their rap parts..

9. The song just sucks and the rap was too weird 

10. I feel like it'll rise again soon though

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