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1. Gasp, she really suits that Diesel top..ㅠ Freaking pretty

2. I'm just curious about one thing, did their contract with Givenchy end..? Seeing how they've been wearing other brands recently.. (I'm someone who wish that they would be wearing other brands by the way..)
> I think I saw someone saying "they finally escaped"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Wow her proportions are unbelievable and the last picture is making me tremble...

5. Seriously, she looks like a quail egg...

6. No but why is she so pretty nowadays? It seems like she's always getting her legendary pictures taken at the airport

7. I really think that Karina would match Diesel

8. Karina also created a buzz with her white hoodie and with her airpods.. every time she goes to the airport, she's in her legendary days... jjang pretty

9. Seriously ridiculously pretty ㅠ

10. Ah seriously, she's the person who matches black the most out of everyone I've seen.. She suits PRADA so well

11. An AI that looks even more like an AI (in the best way possible)

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