K-pop girl group BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga have been invited to perform for US president Joe Biden and South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol at an upcoming state dinner.

According to a report by South Korean news outlet Korea JoongAng Daily, the pop stars have been invited to perform at an upcoming US state dinner between US president Biden and South Korean president Yoon.

Yoon is set to make a state visit to the US on April 26, which will feature a joint cultural event at a state dinner with the US president. The dinner will reportedly begin with an opening ceremony, at which BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga have been invited to perform at.

YG Entertainment has since confirmed that the girl group have received an invitation. “We have received the offer and are discussing the matter,” a spokesperson told Korea JoongAng Daily.

Meanwhile, officials for South Korean president Yoon have declined to discuss the issue, telling Yonhap News Agency that “nothing’s been decided yet on that particular cultural event”.

Notably, the invitation to perform at the upcoming state dinner would clash with a date on the girl group’s ongoing ‘Born Pink’ World Tour. The quartet are currently set to perform in Mexico City on April 26.

In other BLACKPINK news, vocalist Jisoo is set to release her debut solo single album ‘ME’ later this week (March 31), making her the fourth and final member of the girl group to drop solo material.


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1. Oho...

2. If this is really part of their schedule, they should really go since the invitation came from the US.. also, it will also help BP's connections

3. I saw a comment saying that they had a performance on that day though

4. They are performing in Mexico on that day

5. Oh does President Biden like K-pop too?! Daebak..!

6. No but I can prove to you that I'm a BP fan but I get that this is something that their company needs to coordinate themselves and I'm not sure about what they should do but this is not about a performance but a concert...

7. If they also have a concert on that day, their bodies will collapse... since the President of the US is inviting them himself, they must be in a tight spot

8. They already sold out their Mexico concert on the 26th and 27th. I don't know what's gonna happen..

9. Maybe they can go before their concert?

10. Ahh I don't want to see them mesh with these people but since they did a collab with Gaga before... But what are they gonna do about the concert?

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