I got a divorce and am raising my daughter alone
She didn't say anything about marriage until she turned 30
And I wasn't rushing her either

One day, she randomly came to me and asked me about marriage.
I asked her what kind of man she wanted
And she said someone in his 40's and divorced
She said the man has a daughter
And she's going to elementary school this year

She said that she wanted to become a good mother
I asked her if she would be able to raise the kid like her own daughter
And she said that she would so I told her to try and raise her once

So since January, she's been bringing the girl to our house
My daughter is free since she works from home
So I asked her to take care of the kid while working

The kid is very average. Not good but not bad
She was just your normal kid.

I was firm and didn't help her once
I told her to do everything from feeding the kid, to bathing the kid, to helping with her studies

And the results were just as I expected
In  the end, she gave up and broke up with him

Does she think that the kid who was kind and gentle when she was with dad will really stay the same when she was with her?

If the kid woke up early and ran around saying that she was hungry, I would wake up my daughter and tell her to feed her

The kid was complaining about the food and at first, my daughter was holding it in but eventually got mad at the kid

Because my daughter has to work, she would make the kid watch manhwas or movies
But after a few hourse, lunch time would come before she knows it and she had to cook for the kid

I didn't want to see that sight so I purposely went out a lot

The thing that especially bothered me was...
When we said that we would take care of the kid in our house
The dad didn't say anything and just accepted it
The kid also didn't seem to miss her dad that much

When the weekend came and that the kid had to leave,
He would come and lovingly lift her with his two hands
But after 2 weeks, he stopped doing that

Seems like he also fought with my daughter a lot
My daughter wanted to rest on weekends 
But he would ask her to go to the amusement park or the zoo with his kid

Usually, I would just tell my daughter to use contraceptives or try to cohabit together
But I don't think that it was effective
Since once she becomes pregnant, there's no turning back

I was gonna wait and watch to see if I would approve of this after 1 year 
But she couldn't even endure if for 2 months and they split
Even though it pains me to see, I think that I did the right thing

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1. [+575, -7]
What a smart mom. You did the right thing

2. [+428, -70]
To be honest, I hope that single women who think that raising a kid by themselves is easy would learn from this

3. [+376, -6]
That's what's scary when a woman has her first relationship this late... They cannot tell if this is the love of the century or just a sh*tty relationship so they just go all-in for marriage. (There are also cases of celibates who suddenly want to get married and go crazy about it. This is one case like that)

4. [+318, -4]
Mother, you're so clever

5. [+215, -3]
As expected, the importance of actual experience

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